Non Slip Wrap

This one size fits all neoprene wrap helps in limiting the migration of the brace. The wrap is worn over the tibial portion of the leg. The lower frame is mounted on the neoprene wrap using the hook and loop system.

Matrix Sticker Kit

These are pre-printed graphics kits of the matrix logo artwork or kits to enhance the graphics of the knee braces.


The deep jaw Matrix calipers are useful to measure the knee joint width.

Knee Sleeve

The elastic knee sleeve is worn as a sock over the knee. The brace is worn over the knee sleeve.


Integrated Flexion Stops

The integrated Flexion Stops are used to control the range of motion in both the extension and the flexion direction. These stops are recommended for post-operative use only. The procedure to install the flexion stops is similar to that of the extension stops.



The PCL kit is for users with PCL instability.

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