The MATRIX knee braces come installed with number 0 (zero) stops in both hinges, allowing full range of motion. The included kit comes with a full set of extension
stops (Ex0-Ex4). Stop 1 through 4 limit extension by 10 deg each from the previous stop.

Please use the steps below for changing the extension stops.
  • Remove the hinge cover by removing the two screws holding the hinge cover.
  • Remove the fabric hinge cover and then the foam pad on the inner side to see the screw holding the extension stop.
  • Remove the screw holding the extension stop. Once the screw is off the stop, remove the plastic extension stop.
  • Placing the new extension stop in between the frames, line up the holes of the inner plate and the extension stop, attach the screw to the stop.
  • Install the screw into the extension stop. Do not over tighten the screw.
  • Change the extension stop on the other hinge using the steps described above. Install the foam pad and the fabric condyle cover. Please note that the same numbered extension stop must be installed inside both hinges.
  • Make sure that the extension stops are installed in the identical direction as the one you removed.
  • Install both hinge covers using the screws. Brace is now ready to use. This procedure is illustrated in the next page.

Do not use the brace without extension stops installed properly inside both hinges.
Extension Stop Table below shows the limits of each stop, in degrees.
EX0 Zero-Full Extension
EX1 5-10 Degrees
EX2 10-20 Degrees
EX3 20-30 Degrees
EX4 30-40 Degrees
suggested angles are approximations only
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