Sizing Chart

Measure your knee joint width when the leg is in an even, weight bearing (straight leg) position. Use the following table as a guide to arrive at the brace size for your leg.

Click here for Matrix Sizing Chart


The following illustrations show the major components of Matrix Pro and Matrix Lite brace models.

Major Components - pro models Major Components - lite models

Strapping The Brace

How to strap the brace on the leg is important for both comfort and function. With the knee in bent position, as shown in the picture, place the brace over the knee so that the knee cap is centered between the hinges. Fasten the straps in the following sequence.View More


Changing Stops

The MATRIX knee braces come installed with number 0 (zero) stops in both hinges, allowing full range of motion. The included kit
comes with a full set of extension stops (Ex0-Ex4). Stop 1 through 4 limit extension by 10 deg each from the previous stop... View More

steps for changing extension or flexion stops

Matrix Fit Kit

Along with the Extension Stops mentioned in the previous pages, the Matrix knee braces come standard with other parts that allow the
fitter or user to make adjustments to the hinge width, View More

Installation of condyle pad & shim Installation of spacer pad

Optional Accessories

Please consult your Matrix support person to purchase the following accessories.

  • 1. Non Slip Wrap: This one size fits all neoprene wrap helps in limiting the migration of the brace. The wrap is worn over the tibial portion of the leg.     The lower frame is mounted on the neoprene wrap using the hook and loop system.

  • 2. Integrated Flexion Stops: The integrated Flexion Stops are used to control the range of motion in both the extension and the flexion direction.     These stops are recommended for post-operative use only. The procedure to install the flexion stops is similar to that of the extension stops.

  • 3. PCL Kit: The PCL kit is for users with PCL instability.

  • 4. Knee Sleeve: The elastic knee sleeve is worn as a sock over the knee. The brace is worn over the knee sleeve.

  • 5. Matrix Sticker Kit: These are pre-printed graphics kits of the matrix logo artwork or kits to enhance the graphics of the knee braces.

  • 6. Calipers: The deep jaw Matrix calipers are useful to measure the knee joint width.

Brace Maintenance

While the Matrix knee braces are designed for minimal maintenance and care, following the steps below will help maintain the braces, giving you extended use of the brace.


  •  Do not disassemble the hinges or buckles
  •  Check regularly for foreign objects in the hinges
  •  Clean dirt from hinges using water or compressed air
  •  Lubricate the hinges, with oil or silicone spray, if necessary


  •  Straps and Pads may be removed for occasional cleaning
  •  Rinse thoroughly. Hand wash using mild non-detergent soap. Air dry in the shade.
  •  Do not machine wash or place in the dryer
  •  If the product is used in salt water or chlorinated water, rinse well and air dry in the shade.

Limited Warranty

The Matrix Knee Braces come with limited warranty. The frames and hinges typically have a one year warranty while all other parts have a six month warranty. Warranty period starts from the date of original purchase. Local distributor will repair or replace, at its discretion, any defective part covered under warranty at no charge. Warranty does not cover damages that are a result of normal wear, accident, negligence, misuse or abuse by the purchaser. In addition, collateral and incidental damages are not covered under this warranty. Only the original purchaser is entitled to claim service under this limited warranty.

Note on Warranty: The warranty period is set by your Matrix Knee brace distributor. The warranty period and/or coverage can vary. Please consult your Matrix Knee Brace distributor for warranty period and coverage.


The MATRIXknee brace you have received is a supportive brace only. It is in no way guaranteed or intended to prevent knee injuries. The purchaser agrees to the following conditions:

  1. 1. The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for any injury incurred while using any MATRIX knee brace products. The user assumes all risk associated with any activity that may cause injury or death or damage to property and waives all claims against the manufacturer.

  2. 2. The manufacturer does not make any guarantees, express or implied, regarding the fitness of any MATRIXknee brace product for any particular purpose.

  3. 3. In addition, the manufacturer makes no guarantees, express or implied as to the extent to which the MATRIXknee brace products protect the user or property from injury or death or damage.

  4. 4. With usage of this type of a product, it is possible for the wearer to receive various types of skin irritation, including but not limited to, rashes and pressure points. If you experience any adverse or unusual reaction while using this product, please consult your healthcare provider immediately.

  5. 5. If you have questions related to how this knee brace product is applicable to your specific needs or knee condition, please consult your health care provider.

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