How to strap the brace on the leg is important for both comfort and function. With the knee in bent position, as shown in the picture, place the brace over the knee so that the knee cap is centered between the hinges. Fasten the straps in the following sequence.
  • Fasten the lower cruciate strap first. This is the strap just below the knee joint. Adjust the strap until it is snug and above the calf muscle.
  • Fasten the bottom most strap. Adjust it until it is snug.
  • Fasten the upper cruciate strap. This is the strap just above the knee joint.
  • Finally, fasten the top most strap.
  • Fasten snugly and ensure the straps are comfortable. Do not over tighten.
In case of medical models of Matrix braces, snugly fasten the anterior tibial strap.
Unfasten straps in any order, from the outside of the leg (lateral side). After removing the brace, fold back the hook tab onto the strap. This avoids strap entanglement and additional wear.

If the brace causes discomfort or irritation, at any point, stop using the brace immediately and contact your health care provider.
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